What is chelated fertilizer? All about chelated fertilizer in Mayaroshd

<strong>What is chelated fertilizer? All about chelated fertilizer in Mayaroshd</strong>

Chelated fertilizers are a specialized type of fertilizer that plays a crucial role in promoting optimal plant

.growth and development

 What sets chelated fertilizers apart from conventional fertilizers is their unique composition, which includes

essential nutrients bound to chelating agents

These chelating agents act as molecular bridges, tightly binding to the nutrients and protecting them from

being trapped in the soil or becoming unavailable to plants

This chelation process enhances nutrient absorption by plants, allowing them to efficiently take up and

utilize vital elements such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and more

 Chelated fertilizers offer several advantages, including improved nutrient availability, increased nutrient

uptake efficiency, and reduced nutrient losses due to leaching or soil fixation

They are particularly beneficial in soils with high pH levels or in situations where nutrient deficiencies are common

 By providing plants with readily available and easily absorbed nutrients, chelated fertilizers contribute significantly to healthier, more vigorous plant growth, improved crop yields, and enhanced overall plant performance

Mayaroshd company, producer of chelated fertilizers under the license of MayaHofHeiom, Germany, intends to introduce you to What is chelated fertilizer? All about chelated fertilizer in Mayaroshd in this


What is chelated fertilizer

Micronutrients in Agriculture

Micronutrients in agriculture refer to elements that plants require in small quantities but play a crucial role in their growth and overall quality

These compounds have essential functions in plants, and their deficiency can lead to reduced growth and overall product quality

.Plant nutrients are vital environmental factors for plant growth and development

Managing nutrient substances for optimal efficiency in commercial crop production is highly


Micronutrients include iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), boron (B), chlorine (Cl), molybdenum (Mo), and nickel (Ni)

Micronutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc, and copper easily oxidize or precipitate in the soil, making their use inefficient

Chelated fertilizers have been developed to enhance the efficiency of micronutrient utilization

Over the past 20 to 25 years, it has been established that many of the micronutrient

requirements of plants can be met using metal chelate complexes

These chelates have applications in a wide range of agricultural products such as corn, legumes, cucumber, and citrus orchards

what is chelated fertilizer and what is its application in agriculture

.Chelated fertilizer is one of the essential nutrients for plant growth and productivity

 Plants require certain elements that play a fundamental role in their development and overall quality, and

.their deficiency can lead to reduced growth and product quality

Some of these elements include iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), and manganese (Mn), which naturally

.oxidize in the soil and become unavailable to plants

.To enhance their absorption, these elements are applied in the form of chelated

Today, replacing conventional fertilizers with chelated fertilizers improves overall crop performance and quality in the agricultural industry

Micronutrients such as zinc, boron, iron, copper, and manganese are essential for the health of crops and can enhance plant quality and improve performance

.Additionally, nutrient management is crucial for efficient productivity in vital crop production

Elements in the form of chelated have greater potential for higher cation exchange capacity and faster movement into the roots

A chelated micronutrient fertilizer provides an excellent way to optimize and enhance the efficiency of micronutrients

Mayaroshd chelated fertilizers provide greater stability and durability, being less prone to leaching

The difference between Mayaroshd chelated fertilizers and regular fertilizers lies in the fact that the element present in a chelated form is more stable and protected, facilitating its uptake by plants

For this reason, metallic chelated fertilizers are designed in agriculture to make elements like iron, manganese, zinc, and copper available to plants

The chelated form of an element creates greater potential for uptake and enables better passage through root channels

Without the use of chelated fertilizers, many of these nutrients would not be readily available to the plant

What is chelated fertilizer?

Types of Mayaroshd Fertilizers and Their Applications in Agriculture

:Mayaroshd Calcium Fertilizer


Mayaroshd chelated Calcium fertilizer prevents damage to plants caused by heat and cold stress. It

.promotes better growth and production of crops

:Mayaroshd Manganese Fertilizer

 Mayaroshd chelated Manganese fertilizer prevents the occurrence of plant cracking and reddening due to manganese deficiency

:Mayaroshd Iron Fertilizer

  Mayaroshd chelated Iron fertilizer is one of the best products for treating yellowing leaves, stem discoloration, and leaf shedding in plants. It also promotes leaf and root growth

:Mayaroshd Copper Fertilizer

  Mayaroshd chelated Copper fertilizer plays a vital role in the photosynthesis of plants. It increases plant yield through irrigation and foliar application

:Mayaroshd Zinc Fertilizer

   Mayaroshd chelated Zinc fertilizer activates certain enzymes in plants and plays an important role in plant growth

:Mayaroshd Magnesium Fertilizer

  Mayaroshd Magnesium chelated fertilizer increases productivity and flowering in plants. It also plays a crucial role in enzyme activation and enhances photosynthesis

These fertilizers are used in agriculture to provide essential nutrients to plants and promote their healthy growth and development

Mayaroshd Chelated Fertilizers

The main reason for using Mayaroshd chelated fertilizers is that chelates help preserve micronutrients from undesirable reactions in the solution and soil

 Chelated fertilizers improve the availability of essential micronutrients such as iron, copper, manganese, and zinc, thereby contributing to the productivity and profitability of commercial crops

Mayaroshd chelated micronutrients efficiently deliver essential metals to plants and enhance agricultural productivity and product quality

The reasons why agricultural products require chelated fertilizers like Mayaroshd are as follows

High soil pH (pH > 7.5) reduces access to copper, iron, manganese (Mn), and zinc. When the soil pH is low, large nutrients like calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and molybdenum (Mo) may become limited

Supplying micronutrients to plants can be problematic. Many agricultural fertilizers lacking sufficient amounts of essential micronutrients, such as N, P, or K, fail to meet the plant’s requirements

Micronutrients are often applied before planting, but additional applications may be needed during the growing season to address plant nutrient deficiencies resulting from high or low soil pH, plant-related issues, or environmental factors

Artificial chelated micronutrient fertilizers in ion form are available for plants within a limited pH range (pH 6.5 to 7.5)

Therefore, the application of artificial micronutrients in the soil, especially in sandy soils or when growing

crops with high micronutrient requirements, can be challenging

Synthetic and organic compound micronutrient fertilizers have been developed to have less reactivity with soil conditions

These fertilizers can significantly enhance nutrient uptake and improve utilization efficiency

What is chelated fertilizer?

Does my crop need Mayaroshd chelated micronutrients

If you observe signs of micronutrient deficiencies in your crop, the answer is definitely yes. The good news is that foliar application of a micronutrient can usually address the issue within a few days

 If you are growing a sensitive crop like citrus, which is prone to low levels of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc, especially if the soil is alkaline, you should consider extra micronutrient applications

Addressing micronutrient deficiencies, particularly in highly sensitive crops, is important

In such cases, significant improvements can be seen in product quality and performance

Mayaroshd specializes in producing various advanced formulations of chelated fertilizers. Their efficacy and yield are much higher compared to EDDHA available in the market

Mayaroshd products are manufactured based on a new formulation under the license of MayaHofheim, Germany

Mayaroshd chelated fertilizers are suitable for foliar application and can be easily incorporated into the soil

They are resistant to pH levels ranging from 3 to 11 and are compatible with soil of Iran

The types of Mayaroshd chelated fertilizers include iron chelates, zinc chelates, manganese chelates, copper

chelates, and calcium chelated

Why Chelated Fertilizers are Better

:There are several reasons why chelated fertilizers are considered superior

Nutrient Absorption

Chelated fertilizers provide nutrients to plants in an organic form, making them more readily absorbed by plants

Increased Accessibility

Chelated fertilizers enhance the availability of nutrients, ensuring that plants can easily access and utilize them

Leaf Penetration

Chelated fertilizers can easily penetrate into plant leaves, facilitating direct nutrient uptake through foliar application

Enhanced Mobility

Chelated fertilizers increase the mobility of nutrients within the plant, allowing for efficient distribution to different plant parts

Greater Reactivity

Chelated fertilizers exhibit higher reactivity and dynamics, resulting in improved nutrient utilization by plants

Prevention of Washout

Chelated fertilizers help prevent nutrient leaching or washout from the soil, maintaining nutrient levels for plant uptake

High Solubility

Chelated ions have high solubility, ensuring their effective dissolution and availability for plant uptake

Inhibition of Pathogens

Chelated fertilizers can inhibit the growth of plant pathogens, contributing to healthier plant development

Improved Stability

Chelated ions offer greater stability compared to free ions, reducing the likelihood of nutrient precipitation or immobilization in the soil

Suppression of Disease Factors

Chelated fertilizers can suppress the growth of certain disease-causing agents, promoting plant health

Overall, chelated fertilizers provide numerous benefits in terms of nutrient absorption, accessibility, mobility, stability, and disease prevention, making them a preferred choice in agriculture

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