Mayaroshd chelated Iron fe 6%

Mayaroshd chelated Iron fe 6%

Fertilizer iron chelated (6%) is used to enhance the growth of plants and has guaranteed stability at pH 3 to 11, fast absorption ability, improving product quality, enhancing growth and increasing plant yield.


Iron chelate fertilizer can be used as manure pit, irrigation and foliar spraying.


Most agricultural products are deficient in iron due to the calcareous structure of the country’s soils.

Mayaroshd iron chelate fertilizer with a special formulation has a better performance than its similar products in the market.

Advantages of using chelate fertilizer (chelate) Mayaroshd:

1. Absorbable in alkaline soils

2. High stability and longevity in the soil

3. Increasing the  performance of plants

4. Increasing plant resistance to diseases and environmental stresses

5. Compensation of iron deficiency and prevention of yellowing of plant leaves

6. Increasing the rate of photosynthesis and improving the quality of products

7. Preventing plant leaves from falling

8. High solubility and better absorption by plants

9. Reduction of cultivation costs


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