About Us

Introducing MayaRoshd

Mayaroshd Company is a leading provider of high-quality fertilizer production, specializing in the production of advanced fertilizers using exclusive formulation under the license of MayaHofHeiom from Germany.

 The company was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the agricultural industry.

Currently, Mayaroshd Company strives to serve and establish connections between farmers and agricultural experts by fully understanding the concerns and issues faced by farmers.

They continuously upgrade their technology and produce superior products to address these problems effectively.

All products of Mayaroshd Company are accompanied by relevant analysis and licenses, tailored to the country’s climate and soil conditions.

MayaRoshd consisting of a group of experts and experienced professionals in the agricultural industry.

The team members include agricultural engineers, chemists, biologists, and experienced farmers, all working towards a common goal: producing high-quality fertilizers and providing customer-centric services.

Mayaroshd strives to produce high-value fertilizers and offer customer-centric services by utilizing innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials, while adhering to environmental principles.

In order to improve the quality of fertilizers and meet the diverse needs of customers, Mayaroshd is constantly conducting research and new experiments. 

This effort to improve and expand fertilizer production activities is crucial due to the significant importance that agriculture holds and will continue to hold in the daily lives of people.

مایا رشد

MayaRoshd Goddess of abundance

MayaRoshd’s policy and effort is focused on the growth of producing agricultural and horticultural products, aiming to always provide customers with peace of mind through the use of our products.

Our motto is constantly echoed in their minds when they see their products, reminding them that the only way to achieve abundance and higher yields is through the use of Mayaroshd fertilizers.

Mayaroshd is committed to satisfying all customers in order to not only solidify but also expand its good reputation.